Green Kinship intends to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers, wildlife and to have compassion for living creature.

Web portal and Periodicals
The company is shortly bringing a web periodical on current issues concerning Western Ghats.
Production of Eco-friendly Products
The company is studying to develop custom made Office Stationary made out of handmade paper to replace plastic stationary in real spirit. Other product identification survey is on.
Promoting Renewable Energy
In conformity with the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy, the company intends to promote biodiesel production in the Western Ghats.


The Company intends to extend theservices and inputs to all the stakeholders having concern for conservation of nature. Some such indicative services are:

Policy advocacy research and documentation

The company shall undertake research and documentation activities in Western Ghats within the frame work of the constitution of India and the policy prescriptio..


Sustainable Lifestyles

The post-enlightenment and post-industrialization have resulted in particular lifestyles all over the globe which are not sustainable. Ecological concerns are g..


Presence in popular and social media

The company shall strive for influencing citizens on ecological literacy and values through its presence in popular media, print, films, radio and television an..


Eco-tourism Activities

The company engages in promoting eco-tourism and eco-camps for inculcating ecological ethics and values to promote nature’s conservation. Very soon, there..


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