About Us

Onslaught of development has led to dislocation of human ecology that is man-nature relationship. Forests are nature’s endowment. Conserving Forests in the midst of development path is the core responsibility of every citizen of India. Constitution of India Part IV A (Article 51 A) that enshrines the Fundamental Duties for the citizens emphasises as “to protect and improve the natural environment including forests, lakes, rivers, wildlife and to have compassion for living creature”. This is also in conformity with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The ecological functions of forests are immense and more so in the context of climate change, carbon sequestration and goal post towards a low carbon civilization. The forests of Western Ghats are lifeline of peninsular India and have been providing civilizational support to the region. Conserving this ecosystem is immanentin the process of development. This needs multipronged approach aimed at changing the attitudes, behaviours values and practices of people. Conserving nature is all about harnessing human mind and not necessarily about conserving trees and animals. The efforts shall encompass intellectual, economic and spiritual spheres of our civilization. Against this backdrop, the company Green Kinship (OPC) Pvt Ltd intends to address to the following set of five focal objectives: 

1. To promote alternative life styles conducive for sustainable development (Permaculture) through research, teaching, extension and product promotion activities;

2. To engage in the production of mass media products to inculcate ecological conservation values and concerns among the citizens;

3. To network and collaborate with similar thinking individuals, institutions and organizations within India and overseas;

4. To popularize “think with foresight” among academics, planners and administrators which would culminate efforts towards sustainable civilizations; and

5. To work in the context of conserving Western Ghats bio-diversity and conserve ecology.